06 Mar 2012

School shown inappropriate images from virus

Showing the importance of antivirus software for schools, the Diocese of Charleston in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, reportedly received malware that showed inappropriate images to children in a sixth grade class. Schools should be sure to secure their servers and computers to make sure this doesn't happen.

The incident happened in early February when a naked woman appeared on the class' SMART board. The images were popping up on the screen due to a number of viruses on the computer, according to a report. Images included those of deceased model Anna Nicole Smith.

The teacher in the incident was placed on administrative leave by later reinstated when it was revealed that the viruses were the cause of the incident. A second group of students were interviewed by the principal and said they saw images of nude women on the board in class as well.

After school officials spoke with the teacher, she said there were unintended images that popped up on the screen on more than one occasion. Experts would suggest this school should invest in antivirus software that would help prevent incidents such as this from happening.