03 Feb 2012

Salt Lake City website hacked, information compromised

After the official Salt Lake City website was hacked, authorities said more information was compromised than originally thought. Everyone who has provided emails or information to the city's website has been asked to change their passwords, according to Salt Lake City Police. Users should be sure to change passwords as quickly as possible to improve internet security.

"We have learned that citizen complaints regarding drug crimes in the community were also accessed. These forms included phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, other personal information and details about suspicious activity from a variety of sources," a news release from the city said.

Those who claimed to hack the city's website tweeted Wednesday that they were able to get confidential information that may be sensitive. To show they were serious, the hackers provided a redacted citizen complaint as proof.

The police press release said the hacking was in response to an anti-graffiti paraphernalia bill sponsored by a state senator. The bill has passed its second running in the Senate, which seemed to make the hackers angry. For events such as this, everyone should protect themselves with internet security.