06 Oct 2010

Report: Network security managers feel malware threats are rising

Nearly all network security managers believe malware attacks are rising and becoming more sophisticated, according to a report from an internet security company in collaboration with Converge Network Digest and Government Security News.

The survey of security managers found 93 percent believe attacks are on the rise. And combating malware may become more challenging, as 96 percent of respondents believe threats are becoming more sophisticated.

In terms of the type of threat, 67 percent of respondents cited viruses and malware as the greatest threat to their organization. At 50 percent, distributed denial-of-service attacks were the second most common threat named by respondents.

Other findings show nearly 74 percent of respondents expect their internet security provider to protect against cyber attacks, but 90 percent felt the United States government was not fully protected.

The survey respondents' malware concerns come at time when threats are more prevalent than ever. Studies have shown the number of malware infected websites shot past 1.3 million in the second quarter- the first time the number has ever been above 1 million. The firm that conducted the research detected 58,000 new malware threats in the second quarter, bringing its catalog to more than 200,000 unique threats.