23 Nov 2010

Report details top threats in 2011

According to a recent report by an internet security company, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their tactics, a trend that will emerge in 2011. The security lab predicts mobile malware, data-stealing viruses and Malware-as-a-Service will be next year’s top security threats.

The annual report was compiled through research by the firm’s security experts, who analyzed threats and attacks from the past year and detected trends in cyber security.

"In 2010, we've seen dramatic increases in issues regarding mobile malware, as well as growing complexity of Trojan horse attacks in the banking industry," said Bradley Anstis, the firm’s vice president of technical strategy. "And although Malware-as-a-Service isn't new, we're seeing it take hold ... In the same way that cloud computing is growing for commercial organizations, cyber crime is also moving this same way."

Anstis also said the company predicts malware targeting all mobile phone platforms. Additionally, data-stealing malware is expected to get more sophisticated.

Internet users have already had a taste of the growing malware sophistication with strains such as Zeus and Stuxnet. Recently, a panel of internet security experts speaking before Congress called Stuxnet one of the most dangerous malware strains ever to emerge.