04 Feb 2014

RedHack Claims Attacks on Vodafone, ISP TTNET and Turkcell

Turkish hacktivist group RedHack announced it breached the systems of three major IT&telecom companies, including Vodafone, Turkish ISP TTNet, and Turkish mobile operator Turkcell, according to ehackingnews.com.

Millions of records, including names, phone numbers, addresses and emails, were allegedly compromised. "Customer data of ISP TTNET, mobile operator Vodafone and Turkcell infiltrated and vast amount of data (was) collected from the systems,” the group said.

Credentials of ministry members were made public on justpaste.it but the group did not disclose information belonging to ordinary clients. The hackers say they aim to raise awareness of the companies’ security flaws.

"If we are able to reach these info on their systems with our limited resources imagine what foreign intelligence agency can do,” RedHack said. “These companies have 90% of the population's data on their systems and they can't protect them.”

None of the affected parties has yet issued an official statement.