26 May 2011

Popular website hit with malware

The technology reviews and news website Geek.com was recently attacked by malware, according to an internet security company.

Hackers installed malicious iframes on the site, including on the About Us page, articles and other sections. One article in particular, called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 details leaked, had the malicious iframe link placed. Due to the franchise’s popularity, the company expects many users clicked on information regarding the video game.

Once the link is clicked, users are redirected to a malicious website hosting an exploit kit.

“Many legitimate websites are being compromised by taking advantage of poor coding practices in web applications,” wrote Umesh Wanve, researcher for the security company. “Attackers are constantly on the lookout for popular websites or top news sites as targets for their attacks. Users need to be aware that no site is a safe site.”

Although viruses constantly are a threat to computer users, malware is harder to detect and must be dealt with properly. According to a report by an internet security company, 10 million instances of malware have occurred during the first half of 2011.