02 Sep 2011

Police officer suspended after an illegal download contained a computer virus

A police officer in Madison, Wisconsin, was recently suspended for six days after he reportedly downloaded a virus on the laptop computer in his squad car, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

The officer was attempting to download the movie "Hall Pass" on the computer when he virus infected the laptop. The paper says the officer attempted to remove the virus himself and didn't inform the appropriate technical staff of the problem.

The officer violated department policies by involving on-duty business and use and care of city-owned property.

A virus also recently infected a computer a the Living Healthy Clinic operated by the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, says the Oshkosh Northwestern.

The names and confidential information of approximately 3,000 clients at the clinic were exposed due to the security breach. Information that was leaked include names, addresses, Social Security numbers and health records of some, says the news source.

According to the paper, the same virus has been found in other computers around the state leading investigators to think it was not a targeted attack.