25 Apr 2011

Most of malware can be eliminated with collaboration, expert says

As cyber security becomes more essential to protect against hackers, cloud-based malware identification and information capabilities could eliminate up to 90 percent of malware, said a chief executive and co-founder of a security company.

If this approach is adopted across the information technology industry, most producers of standard malware can be shut down, according to a recent report by ComputerWeekly.

The executive told attendees of the InfoSecurity Europe 2011 London conference that security firms can reduce the amount of initial infections, destroying much of the business conducted by cyber criminals by identifying malware within minutes, rather than hours and days.

"The number of initial infections will be so low that it will cost cyber criminals more to develop the malware than they are able to recoup," he said.

According to a report by an internet security company of 200 IT security executives, cyber criminals are increasing their extortion attempts and producing malware to sabotage systems, much in the mold of the devastating Stuxnet botnet.