20 Jun 2011

Millions affected by Sega hack

In the latest demonstration that gaming networks are prime targets for internet security breaches, Sega acknowledged today that its Sega Pass network was hacked, exposing information of nearly 1.3 million customers.

A June 17 email to Sega Pass members explained the network was temporarily closed due to the attack, and alerted members that their email addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords had been accessed.

The company emphasized no financial information such as credit card numbers were obtained by the hackers. However, users were advised to change their passwords on other sites if they were same as their Sega Pass passwords, and to be suspicious of any emails soliciting personal information.

In the past few months, hacker group LulzSec has relentlessly attacked Sony, maker of the Playstation gaming system, as well as other video game companies such as Nintendo and Bethesda Softworks. However, in a June 17 tweet, LulzSec wrote that because of its love for Sega's Dreamcast system, the group would launch retaliatory strikes against the hackers who had compromised the Sega Pass network.

But the Sega hackers are hardly LulzSec's primary targets. In a statement on its official website, LulzSec announced today that it is partnering with another high-profile hacking collective, Anonymous, to deface and steal information from government websites.