01 Mar 2012

Malware, hacking top data breaches in 2011

If it wasn't evident before that Internet security and antivirus software was needed when surfing the web, it certainly is after reading through Verizon's 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, which was released this week. The report said malware and hacking were the most common types of data breach in 2011.

The report said that hacking and malware played a role in 99 percent of the incidents. The company said these two methods are the most popular because they allow attackers remote access to someone else's computer, automation and an easy getaway.  Payment card information, personal identification information and authentication credentials were the most compromised pieces of information in the past year.

Organizations still take a long time to detect that they have been breached the report said, saying that it takes months or years after the breach to find it in 60 percent of the cases.

"That's a long time for customer data, intellectual property and other sensitive information to be at the disposal of criminals," the report said.

The rest of the year's report will be released soon, but people and companies should look to stock themselves with internet security and antivirus software in an effort to stay safe online.