28 Sep 2010

Malware attacks target LinkedIn users

LinkedIn users were recently the target of a malware attack that aimed to spread the notorious Zeus Trojan, according to the internet security company that discovered the threat.

The attack came in the form of a fake connection request. After clicking the malicious link, users were sent to a website with the message, "PLEASE WAITING .... 4 SECONDS [sic]," and they were quickly redirected to Google.

But in that time, the infected website installed the Zeus malware onto the victims' computer in a drive-by download. The internet security company said the attack accounted for 24 percent of all spam sent within a 15-minute interval.

"What infected users need to do is back up all of their data and restore the PC to a known-good state, such as restoring it to the factory image," insisted an internet security expert. He added that the latest Zeus threat was caught by just six of 43 searches.

The Zeus Trojan is commonly used by cyber criminals to steal personal information. It is usually aimed at obtaining banking information. Another new threat involving the Zeus Trojan is targeting victims using mobile banking websites.