11 Mar 2011

Malicious advertising continues to increase

The amount of malicious advertising increased 100 percent during the fourth quarter compared to the previous one, according to a recent study by an internet security company.

The company estimates 3 million malvertising hits occurred daily during the fourth quarter, while only 1.5 million were reported during the third. Also, more than 1 million websites were infected, nearly double the amount from the previous year’s fourth quarter.

Social networking sites continue to provide cyber criminals an easy avenue for distributing malware, with ipq.com the most attacked domain, due to the amount of user-generated interactions.

“It is clear that cyber criminals are not likely to take a break - among this new year’s notable cases are several BBC-operated web sites and some large financial exchanges, including NASDAQ’s Directors Desk and the London Exchange websites which were infected by web malware, as a result of targeted attacks and malvertising,” said the company’s blog.

Cyber warfare continues to be a global battle. The France finance ministry was recently attacked by hackers, who were after sensitive information regarding the G20 summit. Out of the 170,000 workstations, 150 appear to have been compromised.