04 Jan 2012

Maintenance tips for office computing in 2012

For the new year, people should take stock of how they are maintaining internet security and keeping files at their offices safe. Resource Nation said things such as antivirus software could help save companies a lot of headaches by protecting files and networks.

"This is one aspect of computer maintenance that companies often miss," Amanda DiSilvestro writes about antivirus software. "Many businesses take this seriously at the start of a business, set up antivirus software on all the computers, and then forget about it. The truth is, viruses change every day."

She said companies need to stay on viruses every day and keep maintaining their systems to make sure it can catch all viruses that may make their way into the company at some point. She said while it may seem like a lot of work, it doesn't take a lot of work to update software every day and at the very least should be a monthly requirement. She said scans should be run on computers a few time each year.

Scareware is one big thing businesses are affected by, according to the Bureau of Consumer Protection. Lesley Fair writes on the Bureau's website that companies should protect themselves, and antivirus software is a good way to do this.