08 Apr 2011

Liza Moon Trojan affecting millions of websites

The computer virus Liza Moon has affected more than 4 million website, according to a recent report by AllVoices.com.

The virus, named after the website that discovered it, was first reported on March 29, with the first confirmed attack taking place in December.

The virus infects computers by injecting malicious SQL codes on a website and redirects users to another website containing a Trojan. Users are then told their computers are infected by a virus and are prompted to download software called Windows Stability Center, the article stated.

If the software is installed, the unsuspecting users are required to provide credit card information to receive a full version of the malicious product.

“The virus had already affected over 4 million websites on the cyber community, including the popular iTunes,” said the article. “Majority of the users affected were from the United States, comprising of 47 percent. Canada came in second with 9.2 percent affected users, Italy with 8.9 percent and Brazil with 7.9 percent.”

According to a recent report by an internet security company, 73,000 new cyber threats were released every day during the first quarter of 2011.