07 Feb 2012

Law firm had no idea Anonymous existed until attack

In a story that is sure to have many law firms getting better internet security, Puckett & Faraj, a Virginia-based law firm, was attacked by hacking collective Anonymous, according to the ABA Journal. The law firm is looking to be back up and online in a few days after the attack last week.

Neal Puckett, a partner at the firm, said the firm's email passwords were not secure enough, so all of the passwords have to be changed. The information within the emails was already copied by Anonymous, Puckett said to the news source.

Anonymous apparently hoped to find major documents from a controversial criminal case regarding a U.S. Marine the law firm successfully defended, ABA Journal said of the security breach. Puckett said "we feel bad for our clients," but said there doesn't seem to be any ill effect on any other people whose information the law firm had in its possession in the emails.

Puckett was previously quoted by Gizmodo as saying he wasn't sure how the hacking would affect business, but they cannot do any business for the time being. All law firms and businesses with sensitive information should look to protect themselves with internet security as much as possible.