21 Sep 2010

iPhone jailbreak software target of malware

Drawing on increased interest, cyber criminals are targeting new jailbreak software for the iPhone 4 to spread malware.

New jailbreak software, titled "Greenpois0n," is at the center of the malware campaign because of anticipation ahead of its hyped release. An internet security company found several fake Greenpois0n downloads containing Trojan threats.

Jailbreaking is a process where users "free" their iPhones from restrictions placed on them by Apple. Some users complain the iPhone "has been held back by limited customizability, text message privacy issues and a lack of multitasking capabilities."

"Cyber criminals have definitely been riding the buzz around the supposed jailbreaking tool," said one internet security expert.

iPhone users are also being duped into purchasing the fake download for upward of $35. Many of the websites selling the bogus downloads claim the software can jailbreak any version of the iPhone and its iOS operating system.

Owners of the iPhone aren't the only smartphone users targeted by cyber criminals. Earlier this month, a malicious software posing as a pornographic media player was targeting Android users in Russia and Adobe warned about a Flash vulnerability that may affect Android phones.