20 Mar 2012

IPad owners should keep an eye on security

Whether someone bought the new iPad for personal or business uses, Davey Winder, a contributing editor for PC Pro, said he is surprised that not many people have brought up any potential iPad security issues with the release of the new version. Internet security issue may not be a big issue for Apple now, but users should keep a watchful eye on how secure their devices are.

"In terms of malware threats to iOS spotted in the wild so far (and hence to both iPad and iPhone), it’s currently about as safe as a smartphone or tablet OS gets," he said. "IOS apps are isolated from each other in terms of memory design - with the notable exception of Apple’s own apps, of course – and so they run in a sand-boxed environment, which means that malware has literally nowhere to go and nothing to do."

Winder said while the iPad is thus far very secure, he doesn't see any research being done into iOS vulnerability and no investment by security vendors into how to guard the product. He said while they are safe now, researchers should start looking into how to keep the devices safe now.

MSNBC's Security News said the iPad was jailbroken by hackers the same day it was released. This doesn't affect the normal user much, but those with jailbroken devices need to watch out for their own internet security.