27 Dec 2010

Internet Explorer 9 top malware-blocking browser, study finds

With malware running rampant around the internet, it can be useful to have more than just antivirus software for protection. Having a secure web browser can also be a significant aid to internet security. According to a study by NSS Labs, Windows Internet Explorer 9 is the best web browser for keeping your computer secure.

According to the study, the Internet Explorer 9 beta caught 99 percent of live malware threats, the most by a huge margin. Mozilla Firefox 3.6 was second at 19 percent, a drop of 10 percent from the test NSS conducted in the first quarter of 2010.

Internet Explorer 9 uses URL filtering and added SmartScreen application reputation.

“With a unique URL blocking score of 94 percent and over-time protection rating of 99 percent, Internet Explorer 9 was by far the best at protecting against socially-engineered malware,” the report said. “The 89 percent zero-hour block rate suggests a far superior malware identification, collection, and classification method.”

Not all Microsoft browsers are quite as safe, however. The company recently issued report warning users of a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 that could allow a hacker to control their computer’s remotely.