30 Sep 2011

Idaho lab studies Stuxnet virus

Experts at U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Idaho National Laboratory have been studying the Stuxnet computer virus, which is believed to have been responsible infiltrating Iran's internet security and sabotaging the country's nuclear program.

Reuters said reports were allowed to take a tour of the laboratory and shown demonstrations of how cyber intrusions can attack computer networks of different industries. The worm first came to attention last year when studies showed the likelihood of a "nation state" to be behind the warm meant to target Iran's nuclear program, according to news sources.

Ralph Langer, one of the researchers looking into the virus, said that it was engineered by people who "obviously had inside information" and "probably also knew the shoe size of the operator." He said he believes Israel's intelligence agency, Mossad, is behind the virus.

Langer said the worm works by showing fabricated readings to trick operators who think machines are working correctly while the worm affects the computer's process. It infiltrates internet security and has access to sensitive protected information within the system.