01 Apr 2011

Hackers vow to continue illegal vulnerability testing

The YGN Ethical Hacker Group know it is breaking U.S. laws, but vows to continue exposing vulnerabilities on security vendor websites, according to a recent Network World report.

The group recently exposed vulnerabilities on a major security company’s website. When contacted by Network World, the group stated its goals are ethical and is only offering free vulnerability testing for security vendors.

The hackers are based out of Burma and began working together three years ago. The group will not disclose any of its members’ names and claims to only serve their country.

"We do understand performing security testings without authorization is illegal under U.S. law," the group told Network World. "Secrecy is very important to us that our Burmese government might not call us up to misuse our skills to attack their most hated countries including U.S., Norway … etc."

IBM recently released its internet security and software vulnerabilities report. According to the report, vulnerability disclosures reached all-time highs in 2010. Of the vulnerabilities reported, 49 percent were web applications.