06 Jul 2011

Hackers telephone victims in Oregon

Having received more than a dozen reports of a telephone scam duping people into downloading malware to their computers, the Oregon Department of Justice issued a consumer warning on July 6.

The Oregon DOJ described how a citizen of Lane County received a telephone call from someone claiming to work for Login4Speed, a New York-based internet security company. The caller convinced the victim to download a program that was purportedly security software but was actually malware that gave the caller access to the victim's machine. A letter sent to the supposed New York address of Login4Speed was returned as undeliverable, and Oregon authorities say the scam artist probably called from an international location.

According to the Oregon DOJ, citizens of the state reported nearly $2 million in losses last year due to similar ploys.

Last month, Microsoft reported this type of phone scam has become widespread in Europe as well as in the United States, with victims suffering average losses of $875. It is also very similar to a scam being perpetrated via Skype in Australia and New Zealand.