30 Mar 2011

Hackers currently have greatest access to steal information

A computer security company recently released a report regarding hackers and company vulnerabilities to cyber attacks.

According to the report, the opportunity for hackers to access sensitive information has never been greater due to the use of mobile phones. Companies are at greater risk because employees are storing data on their phones, making the information more vulnerable.

Also, companies moving data to the cloud are faced with security measures that are not safe against potential cyber attacks.

“A lot has to be done to lock up the cloud,” said a RedHerring article regarding the report. “Considering the growth of data and how crucial company's trade secrets stand in the future of the business, keeping a padlock on the data gate is big business, and will only continue to grow as our information becomes more intrinsic and complicated.”

Companies are not the only ones walking a thin line between cyber attacks. A recent article by Ken Dilanian for the Los Angeles Times, stated the United States is not taking proper computer security measures to combat cyber criminals, leaving vital infrastructures unprotected.