07 Jan 2014

Hacker Leaks 2,000 User Credentials from Directors Guild of Canada

Some 2,000 user credentials have been leaked from the Directors Guild of Canada, which represents writers, actors, directors support workers and others in the country’s film industry, according to Cyber War News.

A hacker by the name of ObeySec reportedly leaked the 2,000 user credentials and defaced the web site’s “About Us” page, although the About Us page showed no signs of tampering as of Jan. 7.

"I can confirm that the DGC website was hacked," DGC spokeswoman Alex Sosa said for The Hollywood Reporter. "We have locked down the site and the security breach has been contained. We are currently doing a security sweep across the DGC offices in all the regions and we are confident that we will be up and accessible via the website soon."

The file with the leaked credentials has been currently removed. The credentials were stored in clear text, allowing almost anyone to access them.

“I’ve reached out to the Directors Guild of Canada to see if they can comment on the incident,” said Eduard Kovacs, Security News Editor at Softpedia. “Hopefully, they’ve notified impacted individuals of the breach, and advised them to change their passwords.”