26 Sep 2011

Google Virus most requested virus to be removed this quarter

The Google virus was the most frequently requested virus to be removed, according to computer repair company My Computer Expert. The virus, common called the Google redirect virus, was seen in 36 percent of all virus removal requests by the company. Having an up-to-date antivirus program can help quell problems such as the Google virus.

Users who have the Google virus often find that they cannot perform even basic Google searches without being taken to a different website. The company reports that much of the time, those with the virus who click on a regular search listing are taken to a different website and receive additional malware.

Other highly requested removals this summer included Windows repair, system tool, thinkpoint and tdss rootkit, according to the company. Removal of these viruses are extremely inconvenient, and many old and new viruses still remain out there, according to My Computer Expert.

According to the VIPRE Security News blog, people should pay for an antivirus program to help avoid viruses such as these. The blog said the reasons for a good antivirus program include the risks for getting infected being too great, viruses being very difficult to uninstall and a free antivirus program could leave a user more vulnerable than before.