27 May 2011

Fakefrag Trojan targets Windows users

A new Trojan is currently circulating in the cyber world putting fear into computer users. According to a recent report by an internet security company, the Fakefrag Trojan tricks computer users by issuing a fake warning about a problem with the hard drive.

Fakefrag not only warns users of hard drive failure, it also moves files from the All Users folder to a temporary location and is able to hide files from computer users in the current user section. The Trojan can also change background images, disable the task manager and delete registry entries, the company stated.

"It does a really convincing job of making it appear as though something is wrong - the failure messages look just like something Windows would display,” said Eion Ward, a researcher for the company. “Plus, when it ‘deletes’ files from your desktop, it does so in a very prominent way."

If a computer user clicks on a message offering to help with the problem, a Windows recovery application launches and asks the user to download UltraDefragger for $80.

While dubbed as more secure than Windows PCs, Apple’s Mac computers have recently been under attack by cyber criminals as well. Earlier this month, researchers at an internet security company revealed a new Mac Trojan called the malware construction kit for Mac OS.