17 Oct 2012

EU on Google privacy policies


The European Union is concerned about how Google will protect customer data now that the company announced plans to follow activities of users across services such as YouTube, Google Docs or Gmail.

European regulators are not convinced the search engine giant meets all security and privacy standards for users’ private data. According to The Washington Post, regulators from 27 countries have joined in signing and sending a letter asking Google "to give users more notice about how their data are collected and seek consent in some cases.”  

It’s not that Google’s practices are illegal, but some aspects could be improved in terms of user confidentiality and privacy. That is why the letter includes guidelines that should help Google synchronize its privacy policies with data protection laws and principles.

In response, Peter Fleischer, Google global privacy counsel, assured users in a public statement that they “have received the report and are reviewing it now” but they “are confident that [their] privacy notices respect European law”.

Google seems to be one step away from an antitrust case from the United States, now that the company has chosen to extend its line of business by moving towards electronic commerce, online videos, telecommunications and a lot more. This would add to further allegations that the company is using its supremacy in the search market to promote their own services.