28 Feb 2012

Data security company looks into attempted Vatican hacking

In 2011, Anonymous allegedly tried and failed to attack the internet servers of the Vatican. While it was a failed hacking, the internet security breach attempt was broken down and it was found that multiple individuals were involved in different phases of the attempted hack.

"Various individuals and computers were involved in each phase, including a core group of skilled hackers that [the report] estimates to be no more than 15 people, and a large collection of volunteers to conduct the DDOS attacks from their own computers and smartphones," according to ReadWriteWeb on the report.

The group of hackers used many social media accounts for the recruitment phase of the attack, but the news source believes this could mean the group has lost a lot of support and numbers in putting forth these attacks. It also means that people can look out for these security breaches if they keep up with social media websites.

Companies who want to protect themselves online should take certain internet security precautions, the report said, including analyzing logs carefully, using IP reputation scoring and protect against DDoS attacks.