08 Oct 2010

Cyber criminals breach whistleblower website

Cryptome has claimed the internet security breach it suffered recently was retaliation for the website posting sensitive documents.

Cryptome is a source for information about freedom of speech, spying, cryptography and surveillance. The website welcomes and posts documents that are prohibited by governments across the globe. It is similar to the better-known WikiLeaks.

All 54,000 files or some seven gigabytes of information were recently deleted by cyber criminals. It is thought members of the hacker group Kryogeniks breached Cryptome founder John Young's email account to gain access to the site.

"Cryptome has never promised security to correspondents at its end, that has to be done at the sender's end with the caveat often repeated here, there is no online security, none," Young said.

The hack was discovered when email and NSI passwords were changed.

Several other websites have suffered retaliatory attacks from hackers recently. After being hit with a distributed denial-of-service attack, the email server of the UK law firm ACS:Law was breached by hackers. The information was then posted online. The law firm has faced severe criticism for the data breach.