24 Feb 2011

Computer crime and security report released

The Computer Security Institute recently released its year-long survey of security program managers regarding computer crime and security.

According to the report, 45.6 percent of respondents said they had been targeted for an attack at least once in the last 12 months. Malware was once again the most common attack, but the report found fewer instances of financial fraud occurred, with only 8.7 percent reporting this type of attack.

Information security and IT managers ranked tools that improve visibility into networks, web applications and endpoints as the most sought-after security solutions. Also, better log management security information and event management, security data visualization and security data dashboards were near the top of the wish list.

"With Nasdaq's computers recently breached by hackers and the rise in mobile devices as a business tool, it is more important than ever for those involved in their companies computer security to have the latest information and understanding of computer crime and security," said CSI director Robert Richardson.

The growing cyber security concern has led the Department of Defense to establish Cyber 3.0, which represents a $500 million investment to improve technology to combat cyber attacks.