08 Dec 2011

College students may want to take precaution at school

Antivirus software is an absolute necessity in a college campus environment, and Darragh Delaney said internet filters at many schools may not be up to par.

Delaney writes on Computerworld that at one school he was working with, a filter was blocking out websites but was not showing administrators how the school's bandwitdth was being consumed by students and faculty. This could cause difficulties for the network and computers in it. He said the school decided to set up an analytics program to see what was being used and certain websites, including some social networking websites, were blocked.

"So far this approach has worked well. Their internet filter blocks access to the inappropriate and malicious content and, by monitoring what bandwidth is being consumed, students and staff can enjoy an open learning environment with a minimum level of internet filtering," Delaney said, adding that controlling a network is hard work with the amount of malware and other viruses out there.

At Saint Joseph's College of Maine, the school requires all students to have antivirus software installed before they are allowed into the school's network. This should help cut down on the amount of viruses.