Your Homemade Porn Will Probably End Up on Internet, Study Shows

Don’t keep hot memories on tape or disk. That’s the conclusion of a study revealing that 88 percent of homemade pornography ends up on the Internet without the owner’s knowledge or consent.

New Phishing Scam Steals Apple IDs

New phishing campaign informs Apple users that their Apple ID has been cancelled after an attempt to access their account from an unauthorized IP address.

EU on Google privacy policies

The European Union is concerned about how Google will protect customer data now that the company announced plans to follow activities of users across services such as YouTube, Google Docs or Gmail.

TeamGhostShell Behind Massive Academic Hack; Top World Universities See Student Records Leaked

TeamGhostShell, a hacktivist group affiliated to Anonymous, attacked the servers of the top 100 universities of the world and exposed massive amounts of student data, reports The Register.

$10 Packet Monitoring Application Gives Hackers Passwords

Firesheep, the little addon for Firefox that allowed an attacker to steal cookies from people browsing the web from public hotspots, now has a scarier, meaner successor called Cookie Cadger. Development on the Firesheep project has stopped after the vast majority of social network services defaulted user traffic to SSL/TLS, but users who need a real-live demonstration on the dangers of unencrypted Wi-Fi can now tinker with a new open-source pen-testing tool: Cookie Cadger.