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Heuristic Antivirus Scanners: Worth the Risk?

Many antivirus systems include a Heuristic scanner to detect viruses before they strike. Signature-based scanners search for infections by identifying similarities in code between a known virus and an unknown system or file. Heuristics, on the other hand, is a system in which the scanner examines the behavior of the system to see if it's acting unnaturally for a normal system.

IMF hack exposes many nations to risk

The computer system of the International Monetary Fund has been attacked, though the extent of the intrusion and the identity of the perpetrators remain matters of conjecture.

Users confused about Smartphone security

Confusion reigns when it comes to Smartphone security, a new Bullguard survey reveals.

EU Computer Emergency Response Team created while hackers arrested in Spain

While computer experts from NATO states meet in Tallinn, Estonia, this week for a conference on cyber security, the European Commission today announced the establishment of a Computer Emergency Response pre-configuration Team (CERT) to oversee security for EU institutions.

Microsoft set to release big round of updates

According to a notification posted to its website, Microsoft will release 16 Patch Tuesday updates on June 14, including nine repairs for vulnerabilities designated “critical.”

Malware exploiting browser update flaws

Cyber criminals continue to find vulnerabilities to exploit unsuspecting computer users. According to a recent study by an internet security company, hackers are targeting uninstalled updates for browsers, advancing malware threats in the cyber world.

Cyber criminals to target more smartphone users

With more smartphones and mobile devices accessible to cyber criminals, malware continues to be a concern.

Citigroup hacked, joining many businesses attacked in 2011

So far, 2011 has seen high-profile hacks of organizations in various business and government sectors, including Sony, PBS, Lockheed-Martin and InfraGard.

Few passing grades for app security

News on the internet security front has not been good lately, due to a rash of hacks at companies including Sony, Google and Citibank.

Security remains an issue for the cloud

While companies attempt to shore up their defenses against cyber criminals on the ground, attacks keep occurring in the cloud.

U.S. Commerce Department releases internet security report

Following last month’s White House proposal regarding internet security measures for utilities, transportation and other critical infrastructure sectors, the U.S. Department of Commerce has just released a report addressing cybersecurity issues facing other types of businesses.

Companies reach out to users for World IPv6 Day

A 24-hour test period for Internet Protocol version 6 will begin in the U.S. on June 7.

More employees use smartphones, security an issue

As employees adopt mobile devices, security remains an important issue. According to a recent study by Xerox, smartphones, in particular, have transformed the way workers operate.

NATO meets to discuss internet security

In the wake of a U.S. government warning that it might pursue military action in response to cyber attacks, computer experts representing NATO countries are meeting this week in Tallinn, Estonia, for a conference regarding internet security.

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