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Cyber crime can be on par with terrorism, FBI chief says

Internet security may be one of the important issues in the world right now, as FBI director Robert Mueller warned people at the RSA Conference in San Francisco that the threat of cyber crime rivals terrorism as a national security threat.

Social media leads to companies protecting themselves more

Surfing a social networking website can be extremely dangerous without internet security tools such as an antivirus program. According to USA Today, there are more phishing attacks and malware then ever on websites like Facebook and Twitter, so many businesses are looking into better protection for themselves.

Malware, hacking top data breaches in 2011

If it wasn't evident before that Internet security and antivirus software was needed when surfing the web, it certainly is after reading through Verizon's 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, which was released this week. The report said malware and hacking were the most common types of data breach in 2011.

Many companies said networks breached due to spam

Internet security and antivirus software becomes much more important when it comes to small and mid-sized businesses, as a security breach can go a long way toward bringing one of these companies down. A new survey by IT services company GFI Software said 44 percent of U.S. businesses said their networks have been breached due to malware-laden spam.

Big data, poor regulation and cyberwar leading internet security concerns

According to one cybersecurity expert, online spammers and hackers are not the greatest threat to internet security. Instead, Bruce Schneider, a security technologist, told a crowd at the RSA Conference that "Big Data companies, poorly thought out government regulations, and the cyberwar arms race," were the biggest threats, according to CRN.

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