Global cyber security spending will increase over next few years

Over the next three to five years, the global cyber and internet security market will see a 10 percent growth each year, according to a report from PwC titled "Cyber Security M&A: Decoding Deals in the Global Cyber Security Industry." Research said it will be triggered by the growing number of cyber threats and consumers coming online and experiencing breaches.

Virus targets Facebook users

A once-popular virus has come back to life and is now targeting Facebook users, according to internet security research lab Zscaler ThreatLabZ. The Zeus Banking Trojan, a virus that logs on to social networks through compromised accounts and stolen passwords and post photos without a user's knowledge.

Set up a new PC safely with antivirus software

When getting a new computer, it is important to remember that just because its new, it's not necessarily safe. John Oates of PC Advisor said when setting up a computer, users should think about everything, such as setting up a main password, internet security settings and installing an antivirus program. He said if it is a second-hand computer, be sure to immediately do a malware scan.

Phone said to be spying on its users

While people worry about hackers and loading up antivirus software on the phones, not many thought their own phones might be the ones with malware set up to spy on them. A young systems administrator revealed that software called CarrierIQ in Nokia, Android and other devices looks at keystrokes a user puts into their phone and is nearly impossible to remove.

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