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Amazon Hiccup Affects Instagram, Netflix and Vine

An Amazon data center suffered a software glitch, causing page load issues or content update lag at websites such as Instagram, Vine, Heroku, Flipboard and Netflix and other web services that depend on Amazon’s cloud- based network. Some websites were thrown offline altogether while others only slowed down.

Pinterest Vulnerability Exposed 70 Million Accounts

A critical vulnerability in Pinterest exposed 70 million accounts to potential hacking, according to security researcher Dan Melamed. The exploit allegedly allowed cyber-criminals to view the e-mail addresses of all Pinterest users.

NSF Invests $20 Million in Cyber-Security

America’s National Science Foundation will issue three new Frontier awards to support academic research projects and collaborative education activities that tackle cloud security, privacy issues and the security of health-related systems and networks.

Emory University Hacked Again, Users Urged to Change Passwords

Users of the Emory University network are urged to change their passwords after the Georgia-based education center got hacked again, according to a security alert. The University is investigating the breach of its IT infrastructure, which it considers similar to other hacking incidents of academic institutions and large organizations.

NHTSA Suffers Security Breach

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had some of its servers breached last week. The incident was exposed by US-CERT.

More than 1,200 Arrested in China for Trafficking in Personal Information

Chinese police arrested 1,213 people for trafficking in personal information, according to CRI. The alleged cyber-criminals are part of almost 500 separate groups that stole and resell financial and other personal details on the black market.

Indian Government and Military Targeted by Information-Stealing Malware

The Indian government and military have been targeted by malware designed to steal sensitive information, according to The Register. The cyber-attack has been discovered by security intelligence company ThreatConnect, which thinks the malware could be linked to a commercial Pakistani entity.

European Commission to Broaden Wi-Fi Spectrum

As 71 percent of the entire wireless traffic in Europe takes place over Wi-Fi, Europeans must pay greater attention when they connect to the Wi-Fi and make sure their experience doesn’t involve malware, data sniffing, identity theft and other foul play.

No Warrants Needed for Cellphone Location Info

Law enforcement won’t need a search warrant to obtain cellphone location information from mobile companies, a US court of appeals ruled (PDF) in a decision that further sacrifices personal privacy to state security.