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Peer-to-Peer Botnets Grow Larger, Make Takedown Harder

Peer-to-peer botnets have witnessed a dramatic surge over the past three years, but it appears the number of infected computers in these zombie networks is exceeding all expectations.

Ruby on Rails Critical Bug Now Exploited in the Wild; Servers Affected

A known critical flaw in Ruby on Rails (CVE-2013-0156) is currently exploited in the wild, although it was patched months ago. The flaw, originally reported in January, is currently abused by cyber-criminals to take control of still-vulnerable servers.

Teenagers Dread Facebook Overshare, Pew Internet/American Life Project Finds

American teenagers prefer Facebook to other social media platforms despite being most frustrated by this particular online social medium, a new report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project finds.

Sky's Android Apps, Twitter Account Hit by Syrian Hackers

Several Android apps of British company Sky and its Twitter account were hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. The hackers posted a tweet, allegedly from the broadcaster, advising people to uninstall the official apps.

Twitter Announces Two-Factor Authentication

Twitter has introduced two-factor authentication by including mobile phones in users’ verification processes after a series of high-profile account hacks.

Reporters Flagged as Hackers after Getting Customer Data via Google Search

When it comes to hacking, search engines turn out to be the tools that get your work half done, or so is the case with a team of reporters from Scripps News who stumbled on a huge pool of customer data via Google Search.

Chinese Google Hack Targeted Classified Information; Suspects under Surveillance

A major security incident targeting Google servers in 2009 seems to have been triggered by counter-intelligence, new information reveals.

Jailed Hacker Invents Anti-Skimming ATM Device

An imprisoned hacker designed an anti-skimming ATM device together with two other inventors, according to Reuters. Romanian 33-year-old Valentin Boanta developed the Secure Revolving System to change the way ATMs read bank cards and prevent hidden skimming devices from stealing clients’ personal information. The Romanian has been serving a five-year jail sentence for bank card fraud since 2009.

Bug in Linux Kernel can Elevate Users from Untrusted to Root in No Time

A flaw in the Linux kernel that can escalate users’ privileges to root has been discovered in the wild. The bug - a zero-day since January 2011 - affects Linux kernel versions 2.6.37 through 3.8.8 compiled with the CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS kernel configuration option.

Forum Flame Ends with ZPanel Website Takedown

An average flame on the ZPanel’s support forums has degenerated into a security incident that has rendered the company’s website inaccessible to customers as a precaution.

Hackers Steal $45 Million in Biggest Bank Robbery before Getting Arrested

US police dismantled a gang of hackers that stole $45 million in fraudulent ATM withdrawals across the globe after eight suspects got arrested by New York authorities a few days back.

Febipos Trojan Hijacks Facebook Accounts, Microsoft Warns

Several malicious browser extensions hijack Facebook accounts, posting and sharing messages on behalf of users, Microsoft warns. The company first discovered the threat in Brazil and detects it as Trojan:JS/Febipos.A.

The Onion Twitter Account Hacked via Cascade Phishing Attack

The Syrian Electronic Army took over The Onion’s Twitter account on Monday in a simple, yet highly complex, phishing attack on some employees.

ColdFusion Bug Allows Full Access to Servers; No Patch Yet

A critical vulnerability in ColdFusion server software versions 10 and below has been identified in production environments. This flaw, also known as CVE-2013-3336, allows an attacker to remotely access files on the vulnerable server.

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