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School District Website Outage as Protest Against Student RFID Chips

Claiming responsibility for taking down Texas' Northside Independent School District website, Anonymous hacker tr1xxyAnon protested the implementation of RFID chips in student IDs, as they strip away privacy.

Anonymity not an Option for Reviewers Posting on Google Play

The latest version of Google Play will require Android users who intend to post a review on Google Play to use a Google+ account to openly link comments to their identity, with the name and picture they use to authenticate in Google+.

Go Daddy Takes Swing at Hosted Accounts Spreading Malware

Go Daddy customers have had a bad year, as the massive DNS outage in September and the core router failure later caused two significant outages. The series of incidents continued with an apparent phishing attack against company customers which ended up with multiple domains routed to ransomware-planting pages.

Turkish Hackers Deface Pakistani Google, Yahoo, MSN through PKNIC Vulnerability

A Turkish cyber-crime group hacked Google in Pakistan and almost other 300 web pages such as Yahoo, MSN, HSBC, EBay, and PayPal after allegedly exploiting several vulnerabilities in the official website of PKNIC, the registrar for the administration of the Pakistani domains, according to

Cloud-based Botnets and Mobile Malware on the Rise, says Researcher

Cloud-based botnets and mobile malware are on the rise and will continue to grow into 2013 according to Georgia Tech's Paul Royal.

Anonymous’ Cyber-attacks against Israel Continue

Anonymous continues hacking spree against Israeli officials and publications known to be sympathizers of the Israeli cause. Numerous lists with names and addresses of alleged Israel sympathizers surface on the internet.

Pakistani Hackers Hit Israeli Websites to Retaliate for Attacks on Fellow Muslims in Gaza

Hackers from Pakistan defaced high-profile Israeli websites and mocked Israeli Finance Minister’s bold statement according to which country’s effective security systems have efficiently stopped millions of cyber-attacks, as reported by The Hackers Media.

Georgian Police Chiefs and Interior Minister Arrested for Hacking and Cyber-Spying

Several Georgian police chiefs and the former deputy interior minister have been arrested after allegedly hacking and spying on former opposition leaders to influence election results, according to the Agence France Presse.

President Obama Signs Secret Directives Regarding Cyber-Attacks

US President Barack Obama has signed a secret directive that allows more aggressive military response against cyber-attacks on government and private computer networks.

Cybersecurity Forecast for 2013 is Grim, says Georgia Tech Information Security Center

In a recently published 2013 cyber-threat forecast, the Georgia Tech Information Security Center warns that serious threats in terms of mobile, search poisoning, supply chains and cloud capabilities could be coming next year.

Adobe Investigating Possible Leak of 150,000 Customer Database

A self-proclaimed Egyptian hacker named “ViruS_HimA”, claims to have breached an Adobe server and downloaded a customer database of more than 150,000 records.

Teenage Security Researcher Builds Proof-of-Concept Virus for Windows Phone 8

Barely has the Windows 8 operating system been introduced and 16 year-old security researcher Shantanu Gawde has already created the first proof-of-concept piece of malware for the mobile platform.

EU officials Hacked at Web Conference in Azerbaijan

Several EU officials were hacked during a web conference in the Azeri capital of Baku after criticizing restrictions the government imposes on freedom, according to European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes. Her advisers' computers were compromised at the Internet Governance Forum while they stayed at the hotel.

China Takes Blame for Twitter Blooper

Chinese state-sponsored hackers were thought to be behind an attempt to break into Twitter accounts.

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