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eReaders hit with malware

It appears consumers with eReaders are being targeted by cyber criminals, according to a recent report by ZDNet.

FBI lacks skilled agents to protect against security intrusions, says report

A U.S. Department of Justice inspector general recently released a report regarding FBI agents and revealed that one-third lack the proper technical skills to defend against computer intrusions.

FBI, Microsoft try to end Coreflood botnet

Although the FBI has taken control of the Coreflood botnet, the agency is now working with Microsoft to remove the malware from thousands of infected machines permanently and ensure Coreflood does not return.

Target malware attacks increasing, says report

An internet security company recently released a report revealing that detection-evading malware attacks have reached their highest levels since 2009.

Smartphones, tablets in danger from cyber criminals

With the growing adoption of smartphones and tablet PCs, cyber criminals are beginning to target these devices more, experts claim.

Iranian government hit with another virus

It appears the Iranian government has been hit with another computer virus, known as Stars, though the damage is not as catastrophic as the Stuxnet virus that attacked the country last year.

Google’s Android users facing increased malware

As more people adopt smartphones, it appears cyber criminals are taking advantage of the insecurities found in Google’s Android operating system, according to an internet security company.

Malware targets Chrome users

It appears more cyber criminals are targeting Google’s Chrome web browser with malware attacks, according to a report by ZDNet.

Most of malware can be eliminated with collaboration, expert says

As cyber security becomes more essential to protect against hackers, cloud-based malware identification and information capabilities could eliminate up to 90 percent of malware, said a chief executive and co-founder of a security company.

Cyber attacks against critical infrastructure increase, report says

The amount of cyber attacks against critical infrastructure companies is increasing, according to a report by an internet security company.

Botnet hacker receives 2 years in prison

Bruce Raisley was recently sentenced to two years in prison for launching a malicious computer virus, U.S. attorney Paul Fishman announced.

Data loss decreased in 2010, breaches increase

While data loss through cyber attacks decreased in 2010, the number of breaches that occurred were the highest ever, according to a recent report by Verizon.

Anti-malware Software Protects Against Search Engine Attacks

Malicious software, also known as malware, is designed by professional cybercriminals to break into a computer system with the intent to cause harm

Antivirus Software: How to Choose the Right One for You

We live in a world full of options. It seems like we constantly have to make decisions about what products to buy based on which brands are most dependable

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