16 May 2011

Canada experiencing increased cyber crime activity

It appears cyber criminals are targeting Canada as a country for their attacks, according to a recent report by WebSense.

The number of Canadian servers hosting phishing websites increased 319 percent in 2010, the report found. Despite the significant growth, Egypt captured the top spot. In a study that also included the United States, China, Germany and France, Canada had the second most botnets, increasing 53 percent in eight months.

Canada used to be No. 13 on the list of hosting cyber crime, but is now No. 6 and according to the report, is expected to continue to climb on the list.

“So, hackers are on a quest to move their networks to countries, like Canada, that have better cyber reputations,” wrote WebSense’s Patrik Runald. “It's a little surprising to me as well. Previously, Canada was a place of great beer and hockey.”

As cyber criminals continue to attack Canada, their efforts also increased during the first quarter of 2011. According to a report by an internet security company, the amount of threats generated on a daily basis reached 73,000, increasing 26 percent from the first quarter of 2010.