01 Mar 2012

Big data, poor regulation and cyberwar leading internet security concerns

According to one cybersecurity expert, online spammers and hackers are not the greatest threat to internet security. Instead, Bruce Schneider, a security technologist, told a crowd at the RSA Conference that "Big Data companies, poorly thought out government regulations, and the cyberwar arms race," were the biggest threats, according to CRN.

Scheinder said these threats are what help instability grow instead of what is needed. He said big data companies such as Facebook and Google use data to become more valuable to sell products or advertisements. A security issue could stem from allowing such big organizations protect an individuals security.

"Our security won't be improved if Skype redesigns itself, so [encrypted communications] is in clear text somewhere in the middle or if there's an FBI access key being passed around," Schneier said. He added that talk of a "kill switch," which would give the president the power to stop a cyberthreat, could be more dangerous than help.

With regard to big data, he said the threats don't come from the size but rather from the way these large companies leverage it size to resist changes in internet security. People should take their own precautions to protect their own internet security.