29 Feb 2012

Avoid scams on Facebook

While Facebook is trying to improve internet security measures with new codes and a new immune system, AllFacebook said there are still scammers that have stayed ahead of the game and know how to trick people. The website recently shared some tips and advice on how to stay safe on the social media site.

"Most security threats are really 'social engineering' efforts that con the user into clicking a link," according to the website. "If something seems too good to be true - like a free iPad or something else of value - it’s probably fake."

AllFacebook warns users against installing Facebook applications they have never heard of and said people should enable secure browsing while using the website. In addition, users should be cautious of any posts from friends with shortened links, as they could contain malware, spam or viruses. Users should also keep antivirus software, computer platforms and other security tools up to stop viruses in their tracks.

PCWorld said web users also should watch out for "fake friends," or people who send friend requests with whom a user doesn't know and has no mutual friends. This can be dangerous and is a sign of a possible incoming internet security breach.