16 Feb 2011

Anonymous claims to control Stuxnet

The hacker group known as Anonymous claims to have access to the Stuxnet computer virus, according to the Guardian.

The group reportedly obtained details of the worm from emails of a U.S. security company it attacked earlier in the month. According to security experts, Anonymous does, in fact, have access to parts of Stuxnet, but lacks the control of the crucial code.

"It would be possible [for Anonymous to use Stuxnet in an attack]," said security operations manager Orla Cox. "But it would require a lot of work. It's certainly not trivial. The impressive thing about Stuxnet is the knowledge its creators had about their target. So even if you have got access to it, you need to understand the target - that requires a lot of research."

A recent report from an online security company highlights Stuxnet and its elaborate network. The worm attacked five different organizations located in Iran, resulting in a total of 12,000 infections. One organization was targeted two times, another three times and three organizations were targeted once.