30 Dec 2011

Anonymous allegedly hacks website, posts customer information

In the past year, hacking collective Anonymous has shown its power, so it's only fitting that the year ends with another internet security breach by the group. This time, it's being reported that 14,000 user passwords and 8,000 credit card numbers were stolen and posted from SpecialForces.com, a miliary and law enforcement equipment retailer.

Anonymous is said to have attacked the website because of its affiliation with military and law individuals. The hacking group also hit think tank Stratfor's website recently, grabbing 53,000 client emails and possibly credit card numbers. Special Forces responded to the hacking by saying the website does not store customer passwords or credit information.

"Last August 2011, Special Forces Gear's web servers were compromised by the hacker group Anonymous, resulting in a security breach that allowed the hackers to obtain customer usernames, passwords and possibly encrypted credit card information in some cases," the website told PCWorld in a statement. "The compromised customer passwords were from a backup of a previous version of the website that is over a year old. Most of the credit card numbers are expired, and we don't have evidence of any credit card misuse at this time."

Even so, this is a clear sign that Anonymous is a very powerful group. Businesses should make sure their internet security can defend against attacks and make sure customer data cannot be compromised.