01 Aug 2012

Anon in Arms against E-Flicker over Headless Man Logo; Pedophiles, Olympics also in Crosshairs


French company Early Flicker, or E-Flicker, sparked a war with Anonymous members by acquiring the legal rights over the Anonymous logo and slogan for commercial purposes, as reported by The Register’s Iain Thomson.

According to the trademark registration application, the Anonymous identifiers are to be imprinted on clothing, wallets, backpacks and other small personal items, giving the e-tailer a monopoly on Anon memorabilia.

In a video on YouTube, Anonymous issued an aggressive statement calling for a revoking of the trademark and logo registration and a public apology from E-Flicker, saying “The name of Anonymous will not be the whore of the world. We do not forgive. We do not forget.”

Operation AnonTrademark, aiming to undermine the French company’s online activities, is reminiscent of a showdown in February last year. At the time, security firm HBGary threatened to disclose information on prominent members of the movement only to see its website hacked by Anonymous and its plans to assist a law firm against WikiLeaks brought to light.

Also on the Anon agenda is #OpEcatel, a spat with company Ecatel, accused of “refus[ing] to remove [the] kiddie porn sites” it is apparently hosting. “Recently, we discovered a cache of sites hosted by Ecatel that were targets for #OpPedoChat. When we asked Ecatel to remove the sites, they not only refused several times, they literally resorted to “go screw your mom” for reply: i.imgur.com/5WMZC.png. […] This will not stand, Operation Ecatel: Engaged. Expect us”, reads an anonpr.net announcement posted on Tuesday.

Finally, it appears Anon is preparing DDoS attacks against British companies BT and GlaxoSmithKline, which play important roles in the 2012 Olympics, as reported by techworld’s Ellen Messmer.