21 Jun 2012

ACTA Rejected by INTA - EU Parliament Leaning the Same Way


The European Parliament Trade Committee voted 19 votes to 12 to reject Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The bill faces a vote in the EU Parliament this July, when a final decision will be reached.

Arguing that the decision was not made against intellectual-property rights but against the vague description of the document, UK MEP David Martin said some things still need to be addressed in the document.

"This was not an anti-intellectual property vote. This group believes Europe does have to protect its intellectual property but Acta was too vague a document," said David Martin. "In the end it came down to vote on intellectual property or civil liberties and I'm glad that civil liberties won over.”

The entire European Parliament will have a final vote in July on whether ACTA will be shut down. Being the fifth committee to reject the trade agreement, there’s a strong possibility it won’t make the final vote, said Peter Bradwell, a campaigner with the Open Rights Group.

"MEPs have listened to the many, many thousands of people across Europe who have consistently demanded that this flawed treaty is kicked out,” said Bradwell. "This is the fifth consecutive committee to say Acta should be rejected. It now falls to the vote of the whole European Parliament in early July to slam the door on Acta once and for all, and bring this sorry mess to an end."