13 Oct 2011

'Mafia Wars' game the cause of Drone virus, report says

Although the U.S. Air Force revealed this week that a virus that has infected cockpits of its drone fleets is not harmful, word came out in The Associated Press that the malware infecting the drones is used to steal log-in and passwords from those who play online games, such as Mafia Wars. Users of social media games such as this should always have heightened internet security.

Wired's website said officials did not explain why drone crews were playing Mafia Wars, or some similar game, while they were overseas. The website quoted Colonel Kathleen Cook, a spokesperson for the Air Force Space Command, who said it is policy to not talk about operational status of the forces, but she felt it was necessary to declassify portions of information associated with this virus.

“We continue to strengthen our cyber defenses,” she added, “using the latest antivirus software and other methods to protect Air Force resources and assure our ability to execute Air Force missions.”

The virus was allegedly not reported to Air Force officials initially, Wired said. It is always important that users use antivirus software to take care of a problem as soon as possible.