Studies show customers would gladly pay their ISP 16% more to secure the devices in their homes.

Today’s homes are practically humming with Internet-enabled products - from the iPhone in your pocket to the Alexa in your living room. Every one of these connected devices leaves your household network open to attack, and research shows that customers are deeply concerned about the risks.

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With Bitdefender Subscriber Protection Platform

You can protect ISP subscribers from home & mobile threats and boost your revenue in record time.

Before Bitdefender

  • Exposure to explicit or violent web content

  • Exposure to ransomware and phishing scams

  • Poor connectivity & slow loading speeds

  • Security system hacks and private image leaks

  • Risk of password leaks and identity theft


With Bitdefender

  •  Easy-to-control parental restrictions

  •  Secure online browsing on any device

  •  Reliable, disruption- free connections

  •  Fully encrypted data storage and transfer

  •  Effortless, ultra-secure password management

Smart-home security doesn’t just make ISP subscribers safer ... it makes them happier, too.

Internet service providers that offer cybersecurity plans & add-ons powered by Bitdefender Subscriber Protection Platfom consistently report improvements across multiple satisfaction & growth indicators, including ...

Less churn & fewer calls

Less churn & fewer calls

A secure home network means fewer disruptions & optimal Internet speeds, resulting in far fewer call center complaints and plan cancellations.

Higher customer NPS

Higher customer NPS

Bitdefender effectively clean - filters data at the router level, so no matter what device customers use, they get a delightful, hassle- free connection.

Higher ARPU

Higher ARPU (5-8%)


With privacy & identity theft concerns at an all-time high, full- spectrum cybersecurity features instantly boost the perceived value of premium ISP offers & plans.


“But we offer cybersecurity already - what’s the difference?”

If all you do is sell cybersecurity plans to your customers, you’re missing out on the real growth opportunity: With Bitdefender Subscriber Protection Platform, you can finally give subscribers what they’ve always wanted: effective all-in-one protection that runs silently in the background.

Bitdefender Subscriber Protection Platform combines multiple levels of cybersecurity to deliver truly universal, always-on protection:


“Need customizable cybersecurity plans? We got you covered.”

You choose the features that fit your vision (Our flexible technology conforms to your goals)

With Bitdefender’s full suite of award-winning, market-tested privacy & cybersecurity solutions at your disposal, crafting the perfect offer for your customers can be done with lightning speed.

Best of all: customers can opt-in with a single tap ... straight from your app

No clunky upsells, registrations or extra bills. Just industry-leading cybersecurity delivered through your current end-customer experience (yet powered & updated invisibly by Bitdefender).


Earn more with a zero-friction funnel

Bitdefender Subscriber Protection Platform connects to your brand’s app & billing, so it’s easy to sell via true 1-click purchasing.


No mobile app? No problem!

Bitdefender Subscriber Protection Platform can just as easily be seamlessly built into a fully co-branded mobile experience in as little as three months.


Boost your NPS with our top-rated tech

Our cybersecurity products have been top-rated for more than a decade because of their user-friendly design & blazing-fast performance.


A portfolio that keeps evolving over time

Customer demands for cybersecurity keep changing. By partnering with us, you’ll stay connected to our entire product portfolio and benefit from the latest updates.

More than 150 companies power their smart-home cybersecurity solutions with Bitdefender Subscriber Protection Platform

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