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August 2004

mi2g Report Flawed

The security firm mi2g had reported that various software security products, including BitDefender, are "malfunctioning, disabled or uninstallable" on Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Apparently, the mi2g report was generated by copy-pasting Microsoft's list of programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality in Windows XP SP2. According to the mi2g list, BitDefender products were uninstallable on an AMD-64 machine running Win XP SP2. It seems that "uninstallable" is used here in the sense of "impossible to install".

The flaw has been fixed since, and talks are ongoing between BitDefender and Microsoft representatives to rectify the error.

In a related statement, BitDefender CTO Bogdan Dumitru announced that BitDefender 8 Professional Plus and 8 Standard, which are due out today, are fully compatible with WinXP SP2 systems (SP2), although Microsoft's policy change resulted in the new service pack breaking backwards compatibility.

"SP2 was the burden we had to carry on our backs while developing the new version. We had to constantly worry about it, test and re-test, all the while wondering what problems the next version will cause. Now the definitive SP2 is out, and we've done our part. BitDefender version 8 is fully SP2 compatible," said Bogdan Dumitru.

Among other features, BitDefender developers have added support for the new Windows Security Center (WSC). WSC will display the status of the Virus Protection for BitDefender 8 Standard, and the status of the Virus Protection and Firewall for BitDefender 8 Professional Plus.

Commercial versions of BitDefender start from USD 29.99 and are available for 30-days free evaluation from