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ISA 2004 Protected by BitDefender

April 2005

BitDefender Launches ISA Server Antivirus

BitDefender announced today the launch of BitDefender v2 for MS ISA Servers, a full-featured antivirus for Microsoft ISA 2004 and 2000 Servers.

The newly-launched product is aimed at SMBs and large corporate customers. BitDefender is thus covering the need for antivirus inspection of the legitimate traffic passing through the ISA server.

"Legitimate users can unwittingly transfer all sorts of malware in and out of a company network. BitDefender for MS ISA Servers inspects all the HTTP (web) and FTP (file transfer) traffic going in and out of an ISA server, and stops infected files from passing through. It does this with negligible delay, while maintaining reasonable resource consumption levels," declared Clara Cismaru, Technical Project Manager of BitDefender for Windows Servers products.

BitDefender for MS ISA Servers is available from the BitDefender online store, as well as from the BitDefender distributors.