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Crash and Win - Beta Testing for Beer and Blood

October 2005

1000 beers await one of the Linux enthusiasts and professionals invited to crash^H^H^H^H test BitDefender Mail Protection for Enterprises Beta, the upcoming BitDefender antivirus and antispam solution for Linux e-mail servers. The most thorough beta tester will receive the aforementioned one thousand German beers and a trip to Romania, there to attend meetings with Count Dracula, the BitDefender development team and other local luminaries.

"We thought getting him drunk would be appropriate punishment for the man. On a more serious note, beta testing is an important part of what makes our products great and we appreciate the effort of these guys in no small way." declared BitDefender Product Manager Alexandru Balan.

Similar prizes will be available for the first three runners-up, with a special "BitDefender Crash Test Dummy" prize and title awaiting the creator of the most original way to crash the product.

A mailing list will be opened for testers to talk directly to BitDefender developers and in-house testers.

For applications, please click here.

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